On-demand webinars

This recorded webinar delves into strategies and tools for conducting successful occupational therapy evaluations for children with autism. This webinar covers essential techniques for accurate assessment, addressing sensory processing challenges, and implementing effective interventions. Additionally, it provides valuable insights into collaborating with families and other professionals to create comprehensive and individualized evaluation plans.

Welcome to the six-part Pediatric Therapy Onboarding Virtual Course!Throughout this comprehensive course, we will cover a range of critical areas, including quality documentation, Writing Daily Notes, Medical Necessity, Family Centered Care, Pitfalls to Daily Documentation, and CPT and ICD Codes. 

This 60-minute course equips educators, therapists, and caregivers with an understanding of the behavior escalation curve and the importance of co-regulation in managing challenging behavior. Participants will learn to identify stages, triggers, and warning signs of behavior escalation, and apply effective de-escalation techniques. The course also covers co-regulation strategies to help children regulate their emotions and behaviors. By the end, participants will have practical techniques to foster positive behaviors, enhance communication, and improve social skills in children with challenging behaviors.

As therapy providers, it is our responsibility to know the Code of Ethics for our profession and how it impacts our everyday work. Documentation is one area of clinical work that is heavily impacted by the Code of Ethics for therapy services. Join Kelli Marshall, Speech Language Pathologist, in this five-part module series to learn how the Code of Ethics directly impacts documentation. 

Do you struggle managing challenging behavior?

Do you often wonder if the behavior is related to sensory issues or behavioral issues?

If so, join Tara Warwick, Occupational Therapist, in this five-part training where she introduces a framework for better understanding challenging behavior.  She will provide you with hands on strategies you can use immediately to reduce challenging behavior.