On-demand webinars

Compassion Fatigue

This FREE, one hour, training is brought to you by the Oklahoma Autism Center through a grant from the Gaylord Foundation. In early 2022 staff from the Oklahoma Autism Center and Early Foundations replication sites completed a Work Stress Questionnaire. This questionnaire identified stressors at OAC and EF as we move into the post-pandemic world. This training serves as a way for all of us to understand workplace stressors, responsibilities of the workplace, and individual strategies.

Understanding the Behavior Escalation Curve

The aim of this 60 minute course is to equip educators, therapists, and caregivers with an in-depth comprehension of the behavior escalation curve and the significance of co-regulation in aiding children with challenging behavior. Participants will acquire the ability to distinguish the various stages of the behavior escalation curve, identify triggers and warning signs, and put into practice effective de-escalation approaches. Furthermore, this course will explore the crucial role of co-regulation and its use in helping children regulate their emotions and behaviors. Upon completion, participants will possess practical techniques and strategies for fostering favorable behaviors, enhancing communication, and improving social skills in children with challenging behaviors.

Defensible Documentation and Ethics

As therapy providers, it is our responsibility to know the Code of Ethics for our profession and how it impacts our everyday work. Documentation is one area of clinical work that is heavily impacted by the Code of Ethics for therapy services. 

Join Kelli Marshall, Speech Language Pathologist, in this five-part module series.  Providers will learn how the Code of Ethics directly impacts documentation. Special attention will be given to tips and strategies for defensible documentation.

Is it Sensory or Behavior? Framework for Understanding Challenging Behavior

Do you struggle managing challenging behavior?

Do you often wonder if the behavior is related to sensory issues or behavioral issues?

If so, join Tara Warwick, Occupational Therapist, in this five-part training where she introduces a framework for better understanding challenging behavior.  She will provide you with hands on strategies you can use immediately to reduce challenging behavior.